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د ایکویریم سجاوٹ نباتات پلاستیک [12.1 انچ] شنه پلانټ ، د کب کب نیولو سینګار ایمولیشنل پلانټ [نرم کافی] [ژوندی ډیزاین]

ډول: ایکویریم او لوازمات
مواد: پلاستيک
د ایکویریم او لوازمو ډول: Artificial green plants
د اصلي ځای ځای: جیګا، چین
دتوليد نوم: ښاغلی پیټ
د نمونوي شمېر: A30cm
د کڅوړې یو واحد اندازه:
30X5X5 سانتي متره
یو ناخالص وزن: 0.300 کيلو
د بسته ب Typeه: Conventional plastic bag packaging, packaging can be according to customer requirements

مونږ سره اریکه ونیسی
د تولید ځانګړتیاوې

1. Material: Plastic and special ceramic stone (base).

2. Total Size: 12.1 inch x 1.5 inch (H*W), base size: 1.7 inch x 1 inch (L*W), weight: 50g, main color: green.

3. Safe for fish: Environmentally friendly materials so this aquarium decorations plastic plant

don’t have funky smells. The plant leaves is thick, almost rubbery in nature, never scratch the

scales of fish.

4. Lifelike Design: This artificial fish tank decorations designed entirely according to real plants,

beautiful color, well made. Replicate the natural environment providing shelter and security for


5. Suitable for: Perfect for small fish tank to do background plants, to the big fish tank to do

small landscape, this aquarium decor plastic plants let your tank looks like a water painting.

موږ سره اړیکه ونیسئ