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ډول د څارويو پاکول او ښکلي محصولات
د مادي Plastic, Biodegradable Plastic
د بریښنا سرچینه کاروړی نه دی
حسابول وخت کاروړی نه دی
ولټيج کاروړی نه دی
Grooming Products Type Clean Up Products
فیچر ذخیره شوی
د نمونوي شمېر LJD01

مونږ سره اریکه ونیسی
د تولید ځانګړتیاوې






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بسته بندي او تحویلي

1.Can I custom package with my own logo?

2. ستاسو د رهبري وخت څه دی؟
For stocks,we usually ship within 3 days after full payment and for customized orders,it is about 30- 45 days.

3. ستاسو نمونه پالنه څه ده؟
It depends on the items you are inquirying,for some items,we offer free samples,for some custom items,we need to charge sample cost but this will be returned back after the formal order.

4.for online business ,have some discount ?
if qty is not more than 500pcs ,no discount .as the price is already wholesasle .

5.How to pack?
Most items we use opp bag pack them .if you need card ,box ,please contact with us .we have our own desin card and box .the card and box do not show our company information .

6. How about shipment?
For large orders,you can choose sea shipment and for some small and urgent orders,you can choose air shipment or express.We have our own agents that offer us very favourable freight rate from DHL/TNT/UPS/Fedex.

د سپارنې نېټه
In stock one 3-10days
د لیږدولو طریقه
By sea ,by air ,by express can be customer requested

26 * 24cm
green,orange ,pink,red,black.white,purple
موږ سره اړیکه ونیسئ