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د ربړ انډیټریټریټیل درملنه د بال پټولو خوراکي توکیو بایټ انټرایکټیک پالتو ژاړه سپي د سپي بال لوبې

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د مادي لاستیکی
کاریال سپي
فیچر دوامدار ، ذخیره شوی
د منشا ځای جیګا، چین
دتوليد نوم ښاغلی پیټ
د نمونوي شمېر ER001-02
رنګ Red yellow green

مونږ سره اریکه ونیسی
د تولید ځانګړتیاوې

Rubber Pet Toys series

1.OEM/ODM contact us;
2.We provide one-stop purchasing service for pet supplies;
3.Our company has self-operated high-quality new design products, and has cooperated with well-known Chinese brands. If you are interested, please contact us for cooperation consultation

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بيلګه Resistance to Bite
رنګونه As photo or Customized
هګ Each with hangtag or on your requests
د محصول د فیچر Relieve the Dog's Mood More, Ideal Auxiliary Toy
For Pet Types ټول سپي

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